About Genesis

What is it?

Generative and interactive visual art, for any business, platform and scenario. 

The cores of Genesis are patent pending machine learning algorithms and unique psychological research insights, together the team has been training and perfecting an AI system that is capable of communicating basic human moods and emotions in the form of visual art. 


The entire project aim to bring the brand new form of art, which is generative, emotive and interactive, into everyday scenarios and contribute to the mental well-being and experience of everyone within.


Why is it?

Embracing the power of AI and psychological research, we generate and curate royalty free artwork that contributes to mental well-being.

Humans are visual animals. As a distinctive type of optical stimuli, visual art always embodies various emotive effects. We believe in the power of visual art, we also believe in the power of cognitive psychology as a guidance for us to magnify the visual-emotional effects of artwork.

The Genesis system generates artistic images with multiple emotive labels. These emotions vary from calming, soothing and relaxing, to exciting, intriguing and up-lifting. And they are suitable respectively for diverse environments. With proper interface and interaction system, Genesis delivers these generative artworks into places like hospitals, stations, offices etc, wherever a subtle but effective emotive intervention is needed.

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How it works?

Genesis is based on psychological research, patented algorithms* to create visual contents.

interactive systems for specific locations.

The system is inspired by cognitive psychology and neuroscience theories on how people are affected by visual stimuli, based on which a set of machine learning algorithms are trained to generate artistic images and then automatically label and classify them based on the emotive styles.

The interaction system work as a medium and a interface for audience to enjoy and get engaged with the generative artworks. Different interaction mechanisms are designed and developed by our experienced team of designers and engineers to suit the functional and spatial feature of various locations.